Not all Ganoderma is Created Equal

Ganoderma Lucidum Wild on LogWhen you go to your local supermarket to buy orange juice, fruit and other produce, we as consumers (I hope) are well-informed of the differences from organically to traditionally grown food, or juice concentrate from hand squeezed 100% orange juice.  The point is that we are aware of packaging and labeling details to help us make a more informed decision.  Unfortunately it is not so clear when it comes to health supplements, such as vitamins, plant, or fruit extracts that are available in the form of juices, powder, capsules etc.  The transparency for companies supplying these and other types of products make it sometimes hard to differentiate the quality product from the “value” one (to put it nicely).  I have included a couple of  videos to highlight some of the most important aspects of Ganoderma Lucidum grown by Gano Excel and it’s extractions methods use to enriched our Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Cereal and other personal products.  The purpose of this post is simply to show the transparency of the company’s operations, so if you are an affiliate of any health promoting foods company and allow you and your customer know how and where the product comes from, then kudos to you and your company, if not I would strongly suggest asking more questions.

Gano Excel and the man Behind the Mushroom

Mr. Leow Soon Seng

Call him a visionary… the man behind the mushroom. Mr. Leow founded Gano Excel™ in 1995 and has

been the driving force of our mission of spreading the message of about “Enrich Your Life, Every Day.” As a research scientist, Mr. Leow first became interested in orchid plantations and the medicinal properties of various mushroom (fungi) species in Malaysia in 1983. Twelve years and several studies later, Mr. Leow founded Gano Excel™ as a way to promote the qualities of the Ganoderma Lucidum or Red Mushroom. This quiet, unassuming professor has built Gano Excel™ from a small farm in Malaysia to one of the most formidable network marketing companies in the world. It is his unique qualities and commitment of vision that will secure Gano Excel™ as the solid company it is now and in the future.Mr. Leow is not only a visionary but his mission is also worth living and supporting.  As the four pillars of Gano Excel’s mission statement, Gano Excel and affiliates support their communities in many ways.


Former VP, Tony Potter takes us to Malaysia and shares some highlights on the importance of Ganoderma Lucidum spores, the efficiency of our extraction method and expansion. This is just one of many series of this trip made by executives, leaders in the corporation, so I strongly recommend you to watch them all.  As a consumer, affiliate or prospect is imperative to do your research, knowledge empowers us to make decisions that can impact our lives and the ones we love.

Cultivation and Extraction

Continuing the tour through the Gano Excel farms in Malaysia with former corporate team; Gano Excel has a new VP in the U.S Mr. Ruben Cardenas.  Gano Excel patented mehtod of cultivation and extraction ensures the purity of Ganoderma Extract for optimum benefits in our body.


Our products

Gano Excel enriched products include our line of Ganocafe coffee, tea, chocolate and cereal.  For personal use they offer Gano Fresh toothpaste and Soap.  Nutraceuticals include Ganoderma Lucidum capsules, Sakanno and Excellium.  To learn more click on the image below, welcome to the Evolution!

Gano Excel is Ganoderma Lucidum

Gano Excel is Ganoderma Lucidum

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