Gano Excel Fundraiser Coffee Program FACT

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Gano Excel has several programs to promote their products around the world.  One of these programs was introduced in the US in the beginning of this year by Tony Potter and Director of Field Relations, Mike Marumoto.  The first residual fundraiser, FACT stands for fundraiser and coffee tool kit.  This program as any fundraiser, is geared towards the organization earning the most, but it does more than that.  FACT is a truly residual fundraiser with fully functional national capabilities.  Gano Excel’s fundraiser program will have your organization earning over and over after the campaign has been completed!  This is possible through a FREE and ready to use e-commerce site that is designed to have your clients and members order their coffee, tea or hot chocolate when ever they want right from the comfort of their home.  No inventory to worry about or calculating shipping because Gano Excel does everything for you.  This is a fundraiser that is geared towards having a long-term passive income when implemented correctly and on regular basis.

FACT offers what a lot of your members and the community are looking for which is a healthier approach that also gets results.  By combining the wellness industry with the second most consumable beverage it does meet those requirements.  Family favorites with high nutritious value thanks to the most health promoting “king of all herbs”.  Gano Excel is the pionner company to introduce Ganocafe an enriched line of beverages enriched with the most health promoting botanical: Ganoderma Lucdium also known as reishi or lengzhi.  By combining the ever-growing wellness trend with the #1 confort food coffee, created a unique opportunity for growth and success. The products available for the FACT program are only the Ganocafe line of enriched beverages, which include: Ganocafe Classic, Ganocafe Mocha, Ganocafe 3-1, Ganocafe Tongkat-ali, Gano Schokolade and Red Rooibos Tea.  Though there are more enriched products available these are meant to drive the most sales due to price and highly consumable.

Program Highlights

  • First Residual fundraiser program
  • Guaranteed 35% Payout up to 45%
  • Organizations that you sponsor will earn you 5% of their efforts
  • National Campaign Capability
  • 3 Campaigns per System with Unlimited Usability
  • Easy to use Software with FREE E-Commerce website included
  • Suitable for small to Mega organizations

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