Blogging Basics

The importance of Blogging

This is an example of a post highlighting the importance of blogging to increase brand awareness, leads, sales and more! Blogging is a powerful marketing tool used to gain a place online as an expert in your niche.  It is a way to market your product and services in a more conversational way than just a sales pitch.  Let’s face it people buy from individuals that are experts on the products or services they offer.  Blogging engages customers by allowing them to comment and subscribe to your blogs, which is a great way to start building your prospect list.  Here is where mentioning that your content has to be of high value to your reader is the most important aspect of your post.  When a customer searches for any information related to the product or service you offer, you want to be the one that meets the needs of the reader.  Content marketing is as powerful as the content itself.  There are numerous tips and tricks to creating a money-blog, here is a video tutorial by John chow that you can get,  but I will cover what I believe are the five essential ones.

1    Valuable Content

Your information must address the need of your online audience.  Customers will tend to research first before making a purchasing decision.  Based on this fact, you can meet both needs through the valuable content of your blog.   Educating the customer on the product/service you offer and why they should buy or hire you.  Your blog should first educate which will potentially lead to a sale and follow by inviting them to share your content on their social networks.  Once you have this cycle replicating itself, you have created a successful blog.

2.    Short and Sweet

Is recommended to keep your posts relatively short and in an easy to read format.  For example instead of writing a review of all your products in a single post you can brake it down by covering them by category or if you don’t have a long list of products, you can review one at a time and allow for a more detailed description and review. This will also have the reader checking back for other reviews or new products.  Also keep in mind a lot of people read blogs and reviews during their lunch, breaks or while waiting etc. hence the importance of avoiding lengthy posts that may have your customer re-do their search to find a more direct response to their request.

3.    SEO Friendly

So you have created your first post now what?  Well you want to make sure it can be found online when a customer searches for relevant information.  SEO stands for search engine optimization, basically meaning that you want to maximize the content of your blog by using key words that can be found when a customer does a search using Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

4.    Basic Components

Think of a blog as a book store, profits are driving mainly from the sales of books, subscriptions etc.  How ever you will notice the coffee shop in the center of the store.  You also notice an array of novelty items relevant to a reader such as bookmarks, e-book gift cards and electronics such as e-readers, tablets etc.  All of these elements contribute to the profitability of the store.  A blog is similar, your content is your main product.  Surrounding your blog is an number of  affiliate link in the form of ads and products that are relevant to the content of your blog.  Within your content you can link key words that leads your prospect to take action weather is your sales page or subscription page.  Bottom line you must maximize the space within your blog just as a retail store must maximize their space.

5. Have Fun

You must blog about something you are passionate about or an expert on otherwise it will seem like homework.  Have fun blogging, it should be just like talking to your friends about what you enjoy (without the slang or profanity).  Keep it professional but with your own style.


There are plenty of affiliate marketers that make a living just blogging and promoting their own products and services or by simply referring others to their affiliate links.  So think for a moment, how blogging can help put more money in your pocket?  Vinnys Ganofusion offers you a FREE blog page entirely customizable to meet your needs when you join our partner program! In this post you  can see many of the affiliate and ads you can include your blogs.  I have a banner promoting my affiliate program through Gano Excel membership.  I also included a link to a clickbank affiliate product (video tutorial).  On the bottom I have an adsence banner and on the right different ads and links promoting products of my own and from my amazon affiliate account.  If you are in the auto or mortgage business you may customize it to show new arrivals or inventory, a pre-approval form (keep it basic) and an ad with your picture and your business location.  Great for music, artist and photographers to show samples of your material and/or your portfolio.  You can even have a paypal gateway to accept payments online!  Have fun try different things until you are happy with the look and feel of your blog.  Maximize your space and start blogging away!  If you have other basic tips on starting a blog feel free to share them with us.

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