The exclusive line of Ganoderma enriched coffee, tea and chocolate available for the enjoyment and enrichment of the entire family.

[img src=]2290Ganocafe 3 in 1
A rich blend of gourmet coffee, non-dairy creamer, and natural sweeteners with a nutritious herbal booster, Gano Café 3-in-1 is the ideal latte for your active life. Gano Café 3-in-1 combines rich coffee house taste with whole-person nutrition, making it the best way to start your morning right. Gano Café 3-in-1 is the latte for your life: body, mind, and spirit.

[img src=]1360Ganocafe Classic
What if robust black coffee and a wellness-enhancing herbal booster met in one powerful little packet? Ganocafé Classic takes your morning cup to the next level, juicing it up with an herbal booster that’s guaranteed to kick-start your day. Bold black coffee and sustained energy for the everyday you: that’s Ganocafé Classic.

[img src=]1090Ganocafe Mocha
Indulge in a sinfully chocolatey mocha – without the sin. Ganocafé Mocha brings smooth coffee and rich chocolate together with an herbal booster that gives you all the flavor with none of the guilt.

•Rich chocolate & bold black coffee
•Convenient single-serving sachets
•Suffused with nutrients and antioxidants
•All the reward, none of the guilt
[img src=]1060Ganocafe Ginseng Tonkat-Ali
A potent combo of the performance-boosting herbs Ginseng, Ganoderma, and Longifolia Jack with delicious coffee, Ganocafé Ginseng Tongkat Ali keeps you satisfied both day and night. First thing in the morning or right before a night on the town, Ganocafé Ginseng Tongkat Ali gives you that special kind of energy to keep you performing at your peak.

•Delicious coffee, creamer & sweetener all-in-one
•Delivers your daily dose of Ginseng
•Longifolia Jack aids in all-around performance

Family Favorites

Our line of Gano Excel enriched products include tea, chocolate and cereal. Family favorites just got better! Thanks to the health promoting herb Ganoderma Lucidum, our beverages and meals get a nutritional boost with over 150 anti-oxidants and 200 vital nutrients making them rank high in the super-food category.

[img src=]350Gano C'Real Oats with Spirulina
High in fiber and protein, Gano C’Real is the fun, guiltless way to kick off your day. We took steel-cut spirulina and freshly cut cereals and infused them with the powerful super-food Ganoderma lucidum.

•Flavorful spirulina and cereal
•Easy-to-prepare sachets for your on-the-go life
•Rich with fiber, protein, antioxidants, and more
•The healthy breakfast kids will love
[img src=]230Gano Schockolade
Nothing says family time like a cup of hot cocoa. Now, with Gano Schokolade, this family favorite can actually help boost your family’s wellness! A unique blend of all-natural Swiss chocolate, powered skim milk and a wellness-enhancing herbal booster, Gano Schokolade packs the flavor of a fine European cocoa with hundreds of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Doesn’t your family deserve happiness in a cup? With Gano Schokolade, they can have it – and so much more.

•Luscious Artisan Swiss chocolate
•Great hot or cold
•Hundreds of anti-oxidants and nutrients
•Customize your cup with your favorite creamer
•Perfect for kids
[img src=]170Gano Red Rooibos Tea S.O.D
Lay back and dream with a cup of soothing, healthful red tea suffused with an herbal booster that will relax you like nothing before. Let the cares of the day wash away with each sip of this mellow, flavorful brew; a harmonious fusion of exclusive, antioxidant-rich Rooibos tea leaves and the wonder-herb Ganoderma. When the world is at its most taxing, remember: there’s a warm cup of Gano Rooibos Tea (with SuperOxide Dismutase) waiting for you back home.

•Red Rooibos tea with added herbal support
•Twice the antioxidants of your regular cup
•Mellow taste with fruity, exotic overtones
•Exclusive tea blend for heart and soul

Personal Care

Gano Excel personal products include Gano soap and Gano Fresh tooth paste.

Gano Excel 365

Gano Excel exclusive line of capsules with 100% organic Ganoderma. With our own proprietary method of cultivation and extraction and applying only the highest standards, we can ensure the purity and effectiveness of our products.